Mikey Espinosa - Close up Psylocke unfinished A painting of Marvels Psylocke aka Betsy Braddock. The English lady trapped in a Japanese ninjas body. She is swift and sassy and one of my favourite characters! Known for her trademark purple hair, I lightened it a little and created an ombre affect to her hair. She is known for wearing her purple one piece and wraps and did my own twist on the iconic costume.Mikey Espinosa - Psylocke X men painting


Mikey Espinosa - Close up Rogue unfinishedA painting of Marvels loveable Southern Bell Rogue, with the ability to absorb memories and abilities through skin to skin contact. She is known for her trademark white streak and gloves. I wanted her to appear like a siren, beautiful and seductive from a distance but deadly when you cross the wrong path. I paid homage to the yellow and green colours Rogue wears in the 90s/80s and gave it a casual twist.

Mikey Espinosa - Rogue X men painting

Ella December – Dirty Diamonds volume 2

The second installment of the Dirty Diamonds series.
Harley and Wolfe still continue to see each other against the wishes of her friends.
But what other skeletons does Harley have in her closet apart from an affair with a politician?
Written by @EllaDecember art by @_MikeyEspinosa


Mikey Espinosa - Dirty Diamonds vol 2 (Edit) Dirty Diamonds - Vol 2 artYou can also purchase a copy of her novel CROSSROADS >HERE<


Frank Ocean – Forever (part 4)

This is the final piece of the Frank Ocean inspired ‘Forever’ piece which also features one of my paintings of a warm and peaceful sky.Mikey Espinosa - Frank ocean project skull EDIT Mikey Espinosa - Frank ocean project skull plainThe first drawing of the Forever series which has been covered up with layers of water colour, ink and acrylic paint to produce the first image from this series!