THE GODDESSES OF MY NEW COMIC BOOK! Please check it out and have a read through at WWW.GLORYOFDESSA.COM . A fantasy story about twin goddesses whose decisions will affect the lives of the people who live in the world known as Cian.

Glory of Dessa - Goddesses postcard with words                                 Children of the almighty creator Gaia, the twins are sent to Cian to maintain balance.

Mikey Espinosa - Glory of Dessa - Dessa Laufeia coronation dress

Dessa Laufeia, the green skinned goddess. A fierce and powerful tyrant, she still mirrors the elegance of her sister Perpetua but her toughness is represented through her armour like clothing. Mikey Espinosa - Glory of Dessa - Dessa Perpetua coronation dressDessa Perpetua, the pink skinned goddess. A graceful and loving queen, she still mirrors the elegance of her sister Laufeia but her love for the world around her is represented through nature inspired clothing.

Cian a world by Mikey Espinosa - crowned goddess Perpetua and Laufeia official M

Mikey Espinosa – Fan art for Mortal kombat – Mileena, Jade, Kitana.

I’ve always loved Mortal Kombat, though gory it is an exciting game to play with shock value that will keep you on edge. Being a fan of Kitana, Mileena and Jade, I decided to design my own versions of the beautiful assassins using current and previous designs as a source of inspiration.
Mikey Espinosa - Edenian trinity close up Mikey Espinosa - Jade close up                          Mikey Espinosa - Kitana square close up                           Mikey Espinosa - Mileena square

Mikey Espinosa - Edenian trinity squareJade is the best friend of Kitana and a powerful, respected warrior in Edenia. I gave her more armour in her design using various tones of green Jade as a palette. I incorporated chains in this design to honour her appearance in MK9.Mikey Espinosa - Mortal kombat - Jade 2015I was heavily inspired by Kitanas current design in Mortal Kombat X and Mileenas mask from Mortal Kombat deception. I made her dress more flowy to give a more regal, feminine and royal appearance. I also gave her a headdress/tiara because she is Princess of Edenia after all!    Mikey Espinosa - Mortal kombat - Kitana 2015   I gave Mileena a look that almost mirrors Kitanas. This was so that Mileenas desire to be or replace Kitana could be represented. I also gave her a smaller, sharper tiara to give her a sense of pride with who she could potentially be; the Empress of Outworld. Mikey Espinosa - Mortal kombat - Mileena 2015

Tale of Princess Kaguya, now part of my top 5 animation films!

I recently went to see Studio Ghiblis take on the Japanese legend  ‘Tale of the Bamboo cutter.’ also known as ‘Tale of Princess Kaguya. It is about a Bamboo cutter who finds a baby in a Bamboo stalk and brings her up to be a Princess. A beautiful tale in itself, Isao Takahata and company give it so much life with such raw artwork for animation, varying in chalk and water colour like mediums. The music is soft and delicate to match the standard of the art; creating a great force of an animation. As always with Studio Ghibli, every scene can be appreciated and for me personally, this has to be one of my favourite animations. Mikey Espinosa - Princess Kaguya detail squareI was so moved by the film that I had to re-create a scene that really struck a chord with me. Everyones interpretations differ but for me it was something deep. I hope you like the ink and watercolour piece I did. The last image is a photoshop coloured version. OH and I’m also learning Japanese using Rosetta Stone, so far I know how to tell people wether they are running, drinking, eating or swimming haha, progress ay! Thanks to Scooch for starting me up with it!Mikey Espinosa - Princess Kaguya bnw Mikey Espinosa - Princess Kaguya

Mikey Espinosa – Lumpy Space Princess and Princess Bubblegum

The legendary Lumpy Space Princess aka LSP. Made of space matter I incorporated that idea when it came to elements such as her hair and clothing. I made the star on her head a revealed area of her skull just to make it a little more interesting!Mikey Espinosa - Lumpy Space Princess (bnw) Mikey Espinosa - Lumpy Space Princess (colour edit)

Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn giving off royalty goodness. Her gestures hopefully gives her a more regal and Princess type expression.Mikey Espinosa - Princess Bubblegum (bnw)Mikey Espinosa - Princess Bubblegum (colour edit)  Mikey Espinosa - PB Sky

Mikey Espinosa – Miss Saigon

Around this time last year, I completed a painting inspired by my first visit to Miss Saigon, since then I have gone to see it several times and with every visit I was inspired and always saw it with fresh eyes. I recorded my painting progress and finally managed to patch it together! Here it is!
Mikey Espinosa - Sun and Moon