Mikey Espinosa – Art on sale !

It’s been a while! I’ve been really busy these past few weeks, a very powerful intense ‘crunch time.’

In other news, three of my art pieces are on sale now! Check them out at


Mikey Espinosa - One winged man on easel

One winged man

Acrylic paint on canvas.
23.5 x 31.5 inches.
1.5 cm thick
Signed by artist

Mikey Espinosa - Womb on easel

The womb

Acrylic paint on canvas.
24 x 36 inches.
1.5 cm thick
Signed by artist (signature behind canvas.)

Mikey Espinosa - You ready on easel

You Ready

Acrylic paint on canvas.
16 x 22 inches
2 cm thick
Signed by artist (pen signature right side of canvas.)

Mikey Espinosa – Miss Saigon painting

Mikey Espinosa - Sun and MoonI recently visited the 25th year anniversary of Miss Saigon in Londons West End. I knew the songs and everything but never saw the actual performance. After watching it I was completely blown away by the show and talent and was inspired to develop the painting of the two lovers. I tried to express the nature and story of Miss Saigon in the painting and hopefully it shows!  Mikey Espinosa - Sun and Moon close upI was particularly inspired by the song Sun and Moon. I played the songs as I painted and the reprise was used for painting the female lead and the original version of Sun and Moon and the solo of the lead male ‘Why God why?’ was played when painting Chris (the lead male character.)Mikey Espinosa - Sun and Moon progress 1Mikey Espinosa - Sun and moon progress 2I’m currently putting together a video of the painting process and I can’t wait to share it with you! :)


Mikey Espinosa - Close up Lady Deathstrike unfinished A painting of Marvels Yuriko Oyama aka Lady Deathstrike. A woman filled with hatred with the drive to destroy Wolverine. Her father created the bonding process of adamantium and enhanced herself with cyborg  and is probably known for her sharp claws. I was inspired by her original gold wrapped costume. I wanted to incorporate her cybernetic look from the Wolverines revenge video game  but it didn’t feel right with this outfit.Mikey Espinosa - Lady Deathstrike X-men painting


Mikey Espinosa - Close up Rogue unfinishedA painting of Marvels loveable Southern Bell Rogue, with the ability to absorb memories and abilities through skin to skin contact. She is known for her trademark white streak and gloves. I wanted her to appear like a siren, beautiful and seductive from a distance but deadly when you cross the wrong path. I paid homage to the yellow and green colours Rogue wears in the 90s/80s and gave it a casual twist.

Mikey Espinosa - Rogue X men painting