CIAN a world by Mikey Espinosa

A fantasy story of Twin Goddesses Laufeia and Perpetua and how the paths they have chosen will affect the people of CIAN!

If you like story telling, fantasy, art or comics. Please have a read and let me know what you think!

A direct link to my comic ‘CIAN a world by Mikey Espinosa – The Prologue’

Cian a world by Mikey Espinosa - crowned goddess promo a3 Mikey Espinosa - Launch day art Prologue

Mikey Espinosa – One Winged Man

Mikey Espinosa - One winged manMikey Espinosa – One winged man

Acrylic on canvas (24 x 31 inches)

I’ve been reading The Song of Achilles, it’s such a  beautiful book, capturing the connection and the development of a relationship between the Greek hero Achilles and Patroclus. The book alone inspired me once again to look into mythology and the idea of Tragedy.


Mikey Espinosa – Rebirth (custom)

The first sweater I released and the final customised piece!

Like the Endure sweater, the characters featured in the illustration will also be featured in the comic I’m working on “Cian a world by Mikey Espinosa.” This piece definitely took the longest to do and I will show you why!
Mikey Espinosa - Rebirth custom Roses (front)When doing the illustration I focused a lot on Spring time as Spring is the season known for new life, animals are coming out of hibernation, flowers are beginning to bloom and the grass becomes greener! For me Spring is such a Romantic time, Valentines day has just finished, it rains a lot (kisses in the rain haha) and it’s a time to get cosey just like winter. so I decided to create Roses.
Mikey Espinosa - Rebirth SleeveI actually started by cutting an upside down triangle at the back, I find the back to be quite a sexy part of the body and I wanted to reveal the spine and shoulder blades.
Mikey Espinosa - Rebirth backWith the back cut out, I wanted to bring attention to it but make it elegant and romantic. With the path of the roses, I originally wanted it to start from the lowest point of the triangle then spread out to a slightly off shoulder position. I felt that this would create a very heavy and dragged look which I didn’t want. Mikey Espinosa - Rebirth custom close up on roseThe roses themselves are individually hand stitched. I used a tie dyed blood red and burgundy fabric with printed black lace and gold fabric that shimmered (sorry I’m not so clued up on materials, I just touched and felt what I felt was best). I had an issue with the gold because it frayed easily but realised that this added charm to the perfect red roses. They were created by cutting random long triangular shapes and stitching the thinnest point of the fabric then gradually stitching sections of the loose pieces onto the sweater, to put it simply think of stitching down a spiral.

And that concludes the customised pieces! Hope you have fun customising whatever it is you have. Before you throw away clothes, recycle and reuse  :)

Mikey Espinosa – Soul Mirror (custom)

Second of three customised pieces.

When drawing the design for this T-shirt, I was heavily inspired by mirrors and frames from the 1800s Art Nouveau era. Exaggerated swirls, grand, fantasy and hellenistic sculpture were in my thoughts when it came to collecting ideas for the content of the drawing.
Mikey Espinosa - Mirror front customWhen customising, I wanted to bring the eye to the fine details such as the jewels and the women which probably didn’t stand out as much in the original black and white design. DSC_0262 I did accentuated the drawing by using golds, yellow ochre and white paint to create depth on the details. Mikey Espinosa - bead close up top Beading was also used to bring out the jewels and the frames. I used gold and transparent beads for the outline.Mikey Espinosa - Mirror close up beadingWhen painting onto fabric, it requires a lot of patience because there are so many fibres you need to paint and dabbing the clothing with a fine paintbrush allows you to reach those white empty spots. It is best to pin the clothing down so that the garment doesn’t move along with the pressure of the brush.
Mikey Espinosa - Mirror CustomThis is the final outcome. I remember when I was in Philippines Boracay, there were people painting onto fabric and this brought on the idea of doing so. The only problem is that the paint slightly stiffens the painted areas but the colour is vibrant compared to using clothing dye which would be best for a softer look.


Mikey Espinosa – Endure sweater (custom)

One of three customised pieces.

I gave the black sweater a dark and sexy illustration (which also reveals characters from my comic :)) and so I wanted to soften it by doing some beadwork. I chose icy colours like violet blue and clear faceted beads that have a silvery effect.

Mikey Espinosa - Endure front customFrom the front, not much difference can be seen other than the beading of the cuffs of the sweater.Mikey Espinosa - Endure custom sleeves

I had in mind several things when beading the cuffs such as The Milky Way and the Aurora Borealis. When stitching this, you may want to plan out the path of the beads by stitching a few of them on whilst keeping the beads close to each other so that the thread behind the fabric won’t get caught on fingers or jewellery as your hands brush against the cuffs. You then start to build around the path of the beads to thicken it and stitch the occasional bead off the path so that you can have that scattered effect.

Mikey Espinosa - Endure custom (back)

Behind the sweater I cut out the fabric to create fringes and whilst trying it on, I liked the swaying movement and thought it would be nice to accentuate the movement by adding beads to dangle alongside the fringes. The movement of the fabric would play with the light that hits the beads allowing it to sparkle.Mikey Espinosa - Endure custom close up backThe beads are threaded and held into place by fastening the thread on the last bead I wanted to space before the next. I kept in mind the look of rain or a water fall and so, to create a dripping effect I usually kept to this pattern

1 clear (space) 1 clear, 2 blue (space) 1 blue (space)  2 blue , 1 clear (space) 2 clear etc.

The blue beads are used to add a weighted look to the droplets. You can use that pattern as a basic layout but don’t be afraid to play around with the numbers you use. Towards the end of each thread I reduced the spaces between the beads to add weight to the thread and this helps add movement and reduce tangling.

Hope this all made sense! If you want to try this and need any help don’t be afraid to comment or message me for advice!

Happy customising!



Customising Mikey Espinosa clothing

Mikey Espinosa - custom sweater teaserLast year I completed the Mikey Espinosa art on clothing series which featured characters from my upcoming comic. To celebrate a year since its release I’ll be doing a few blog posts on some custom pieces I did using the sweaters and T-shirts. I hope you’ll like them!

Mikey Espinosa – Art pieces for the NSPCC Inhuman art/fashion showcase

On the 8th of March, on behalf of the NSPCC and Durham university, some of my work will be showcased alongside other talented creatives to raise awareness on human trafficking, mistreatment of people and encouraging people to celebrate creative freedom and unconventional beauty! Be sure to show your support by clicking HERE for more information. These three paintings will be displayed as well as my sweaters (including customised pieces) and T-shirts with my art work which will be part of the fashion showcase!
Mikey Espinosa - Part of me

Mikey Espinosa – Part of meMikey Espinosa - (goldenbeautyphase1)

Mikey Espinosa – My AllMikey Espinosa - (goldenlust2)Mikey Espinosa – Endeavour