Mikey Espinosa – Miss Saigon

Around this time last year, I completed a painting inspired by my first visit to Miss Saigon, since then I have gone to see it several times and with every visit I was inspired and always saw it with fresh eyes. I recorded my painting progress and finally managed to patch it together! Here it is!
Mikey Espinosa - Sun and Moon

Mikey Espinosa – Child of Light, Princess Aurora

Child of Light is a video game developed by Ubisoft. You play as Aurora, a child stolen from her home, who must bring back the sun, the moon and the stars kept by the mysterious Queen. The game is heart warming and wrenching and is accompanied with beautiful music composed by Cœur de pirate. It comes along with Nostalgia and innocence of childhood. The game itself has elements of water colour which I love and it inspired me to do my own take on Aurora using ink and water colour.

r. Mikey Espinosa - Child of light raw 1 Mikey Espinosa - Child of light raw 2 Mikey Espinosa - Child of light raw 3 Mikey Espinosa - Child of light raw 4

Using the pencil line as a guide, I used ink to highlight the facial features. I didn’t highlight the hair because

I wanted it to appear soft and floaty, similar to how it appears in the game. I tried to keep the eyes light in

colour and exaggerated the pupils to give her a look of purity, the whites in her eyes have pink tints because I wanted her to express melancholy.

Mikey Espinosa - Child of light raw 5 Mikey Espinosa - Child of light raw 6

  • Finally adding the hair, using diluted pink/red water colour and gradually reducing the size of the brush and amount of water used.
    Mikey Espinosa - Child of light editedUsing a filter to slightly change the hue of the whites yet keeping the original colours of Aurora intact.

Mikey Espinosa – Harmony

I started with doodling a couple, two contrasting beings in an embrace.

Mikey Espinosa - Harmony before 1 Mikey Espinosa - Harmony before 2    

After applying watercolour to express mood and tone , I decided to add detail to the bodies. The colder colours have a softer detail focusing on leaves, vines, flowers and soft lines whereas the warmer colours use wooden patterns using sharper lines to harden the image as a whole.

Mikey Espinosa - Harmony 1Mikey Espinosa - Harmony 2

  • Mikey Espinosa – Harmony 1 & 2
    (05.MARCH.2015, watercolour and pen)

Mikey Espinosa - Harmony before 1 close up

Mikey Espinosa, Twitter glitches my art!

Just a random post I thought I’d like to share…

I’m not necessarily a fan of glitch art (just not my taste), but as I was flicking through my twitter media, twitter seemed to have  glitches my art for me.

Mikey Espinosa - Twitter glitch art multi limb goddessMikey Espinosa - Twitter glitch green face sad

I do not know why these certain colours were chosen, maybe the images had these colours within it’s pigment but were just brought out. I find the patterns interesting as well.  Here are the original pieces.

Mikey Espinosa - midnight sadnessWomenHinduguruflowernorm

Mikey Espinosa – BonBon

Mikey Espinosa - Bon bon (plain)Mikey Espinosa - Bon bon (no hair)

I’ve been watching a lot of black and white films from the 1940s-60s, especially films starring Veronica Lake. I feel

her image and talents created an iconic style of beauty for Hollywood in the 1940s.

Mikey Espinosa - Bon Bon (unedited) Mikey Espinosa - BonBon close up

I pencilled her out before using ink to thicken and darken the lines. I kept the skin blank, only highlighting shadows

to give her that airbrushed and mysterious look.

Mikey Espinosa - Bon Bon (Veronica lake)

I finally filled in the hair and skin using photoshop. Ink has always been my favourite medium and using

water to help adjust the opacity.

CIAN – Glory of Dessa 2015 (UPDATE)

First of all… HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday.

It has been a while since I’ve posted something but it’s because I’ve been so busy, I wanted to try and complete the first draft of book one by the end of 2014 and I managed to do it, hooray! I haven’t released much art work since this was so time consuming but I have learnt a lot about my style and drawing techniques, especially when it comes to using photoshop since I’m more comfortable as a traditional artist.

Mikey Espinosa - Glory of Dessa book rough


Mikey Espinosa Agape transformation copy

The image above shows my design idea for the lead character Agape; on the left is my 2013 drawing of her and the right is the 2012 drawing. Drawing constantly every day and editing on photoshop (bare in mind I’m an amateur) I was able to pick up on different tools, for example using Opacity. Imagine, I’ve been creating layers of colour to create tone when I could have easily adjusted the opacity. Silly I know but when you’re self taught little things like that can get you really excited ha! But hey I got there.

I started with working for two months on one chapter to just under a month. Reading has definitely helped with my writing, even though comics are more like a script it has helped expand on my vocabulary and the way I piece sentences together. If you’re deciding to write a comic, reading different types of books will definitely help.

The biggest mistake I have made was working consistently. When I say consistently, working 9am-12am almost every day with not much of a social life and a rocky sleeping pattern for a year and a bit. It is easy for passion and drive to keep you going but your health is very important, towards the end of the year my body started to give up I grew weaker and was prone to getting ill, mentally as well I must admit I had a couple of panic attacks towards the end and I realised it’s because I was mentally AND physically exhausted and the spirit inside me was screaming for me to slow down. I was very fortunate to have people around me to pick me up and knock some sense into me. When I start working on book two the motto will be the cheesy line of

‘Play as hard as you work.’


You’d think that starting the comic is the biggest hurdle to jump over, NO WAY. Deciding wether to find a publisher for your book or going down the independent route is the start of the second hurdle and what follows that are the steps to getting your work out there and having a physical copy in your hand, of course it’s easy to doubt myself but I know that if I stay doubtful and hold back I will regret it in the future. So I guess for now, let’s see what will happen next. The holidays are over, I’ve taken my much needed break so bring on 2015!

WISH MY LUCK and to everyone reading this out there, have a fruitful 2015 :)

Draft cover 1