Mikeylovestoys – Harley Quinn Arkham Knight review

mikeylovestoys - Harley Quinn 9It’s been a while since I posted things from my toy collection since I’ve been focusing so heavily on the art, MIKEYLOVESTOYS on instagram has been my main focus for sharing my collection. I decided to share my recent purchase Harley Quinn from the Batman Arkham Knight video game. Can I just say WOW! She comes with a bat, a gun, jack in a box and several hands. I love the paint job of the clothing, giving her that rough and grimy edge especially with the white fabric. The head sculpt is near perfect to the game and she’s a pretty figure, I do wish the white face paint wasn’t so white and having it slightly faded would have been a nice detail but that’s just me being picky. The articulation is great, it rotates at the torso and hips, and there is an ankle joint which allows her to stand in a very cute way!mikeylovestoys - Harley Quinn 11 mikeylovestoys - Harley Quinn 2 mikeylovestoys - Harley Quinn 5Usually I wouldn’t pick a Harley Quinn figure but I’m slowly growing to like her and this figure is the perfect representation of her for my taste. It’s sexy, dark and menacing!
mikeylovestoys - Harley Quinn 8

Rila Fukushima

I recently got the chance to meet Rila Fukushima at London comic con and it was awesome! She’s a high fashion model and actress. She made me love Yukio as a character in The Wolverine with Hugh Jackman, Rila can now be seen in Arrow as Katana and Game of Thrones.Mikey Espinosa - Rila Fukushima 2015 The image above is inspired by three looks; the red top comes from her appearance in the MFLO – All I want is you music video, the skirt comes from her Yukio costume in The Wolverine and below is the picture we took from comic con! Rila Fukashima and I at may 2015 comic convention


Starting a new fan art series, I decided to take on my all time favourite Sailor Moon! My take on the Sailor Jupiter! She’s spunky and tomboyish with a heart of gold and is known for her love for romance! A tough cookie with warm insides, I gave her a look that balances soft fabrics and tough armour. Her signature pink florals are also shown in her design. Her tiara also has her iconic lightning rod! Mikey Espinosa - Sailor Jupiter close up square Mikey Espinosa - Sailor Moon art - 2015 - Sailor Jupiter