Frank Ocean – Forever (part 4)

This is the final piece of the Frank Ocean inspired ‘Forever’ piece which also features one of my paintings of a warm and peaceful sky.Mikey Espinosa - Frank ocean project skull EDIT Mikey Espinosa - Frank ocean project skull plainThe first drawing of the Forever series which has been covered up with layers of water colour, ink and acrylic paint to produce the first image from this series!


Frank Ocean – Forever (part 3)

Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean second phase, cat gateThe third part to ‘Forever.’ The image behind the face is of my garden (before I trimmed it hehe) and it shows two neighborhood cats relaxing. Cats to me are mystical creatures, they have always been linked to superstition, folklore/mythology. They are known to be majestic and loyal guardians and I wanted to add this mysticism to this image because I feel like this image represents limbo. It’s the middle process representing solitude and silence before the entity progresses to the next stage and the image compliments this. I continued the pixelated affect because those emotions and feelings from the second stage still exists.          Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean second phase plainThe skull image above is the art piece alone without the picture or pixelated touch.

Frank Ocean – Forever (art part 2)

Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean second phasePart 2 of the FOREVER series. I wanted Orange to be the main colour to pay homage to Channel Orange but also because it is a colour that summarises the mood of the album. Every colour represents shades of emotion and consciousness and they continue to live on after decay.



Frank Ocean – Forever (art part 1)

Frank Oceans music still gets to me and his story telling through it is beautiful. I decided to tell my own story through his creative work. It was a little difficult at first to decide how I would tell these stories, should I go through specific songs or a collective of songs. I wasn’t so sure until I listened to Nostalgia Ultra and Channel Orange again. The feelings that comes through the music correlate with each other . There is an emotional process you go through when you listen to the music and bringing the feelings and thoughts through the whole collection and bringing it to one song made sense and I wanted to start with ‘Thinking bout you.’ That was the song that brought the masses his music and although I consider his work masterpieces collectively, ‘Thinking bout you’ is easily the song that stays embedded in peoples minds.

This one starts with reincarnation and old souls.

My temple and I

Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean (main art 1) Mikey Espinosa - Frank Ocean opening (1 art)

My Ombre streak


I hope everyone has been well! It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve blogged but so much is happening, getting my room done up to make it suitable for my comics, books, film, music, action figures and my other collections (getting some shelves planned which is exciting.)

I’ve also been catching up with my comic and I’m way behind on the plan because things come up every now and then. I’m onto chapter two now, just finished the script and onto the art! More info coming soon.


I felt like I needed a change, just to feel a little bit on the wild side because I’ve been so busy and under a routine (ish) during the past few months, I decided to dye my hair. I had several ideas; sombre my hair from black to brown (a subtle ombre) or dye my whole head chocolate brown. I am a huge X-men fan, a long time ago before Emma Frost joined the X-men, Rogue was my favourite character! She has a white streak in her hair (for anyone who doesn’t know) and I wanted something like that so I thought… HOW A BOUT AN OMBRE STREAK! I decided that if I created a subtle change from my eyebrows, it would help frame my face a little. So I went ahead and used Jerome Russel, powder bleach. Fifteen minutes later I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. I washed it off and it was TOO LATE! I ended up with a chocolatey brown, the images below shows an orange tint, I don’t think it captures the brown well but this is how it ended up.

Mikey Espinosa - Ombre streak 1 Mikey Espinosa - Ombre streak 2I don’t know what to think of it or what to do with it. I was planning to dye it purple or dye it back but I might keep it as it is for a while, just for a change.


CIAN a world by Mikey Espinosa – The Goddesses Laufeia & Perpetua.


Cian, a fantasy world ruled by twin goddesses Laufeia and Perpetua. The story will follow the worlds people and how they are affected by the actions of the goddess. I’ve already released the prologue which is free to read!

Incase you haven’t read my comic! Please click here > CIAN <Mikey Espinosa - Cian Dessa Perpetua at firstThe first ever image I created of Perpetua (but at this point she was nameless). The colour and combinations stuck in my head and I felt that the figure looked mysterious and ethereal and would like to use this design. I always knew I wanted to create a comic, I had characters in mind but there was no official drive within the story until I decided that Perpetua would be in the story.

Mikey Espinosa - Cian page 4 scripted labeled


The lower lash goddess Perpetua and her twin the upper lash goddess Laufeia.
Mikey Espinosa - Perpetua death square


Make sure you read the Prologue! It’s only the beginning!

Ella December – Dirty Diamonds – Volume 1 (art by Mikey Espinosa)

Ella December x Mikey Espinosa - Dirty Diamonds cover 1Ella December makes her comeback with her new series Dirty Diamonds and yesterday released Dirty Diamonds – Volume 1 : Lone Wolfe < click to read!

“The first installment of the Dirty Diamonds series.
Harley Jade Diamond is a struggling writer living in London, whilst all her friends are making progress.
Harley finds herself in a risky relationship that she can’t get enough of with dangerous consequences for everyone involved.” – Ella December

The theme of the art is sexy, mysterious and sassy and so I decided that the concept for the art of the Dirty Diamond series would be “Bigger strokes.”

It’s always fun to work with Ella December, without the help of her story telling I wouldn’t be able to come up with the art for her work! Below is the art cover during it’s progress, I was getting a feel of her pose and the lighting. The following image is the entire painting.

The Dirty Diamonds logo shows two capital diamond D’s the second towering over the other. The logo shimmers and if you look closely, the diamonds are flawed.

Mikey Espinosa - Dirty Diamonds progressMikey Espinosa - Dirty DiamondsMikey Espinosa for Ella December – Dirty Diamonds – Lone Wolfe

Acrylic paint on A3 paper (22.09.2014)