Frank Ocean Obsession

My obsession with Frank Ocean is growing stronger every day! I don’t understand how this video hasn’t even reached a million!

I love the Oriental twist running through the video. The beginning reminds me of the EPIC Japanese film Battle Royale which has Chiaki Kuriyama from Kill Bill aka Gogo… Yeahh I read the Manga before I watched the film and I was so glad she plays Takako Chigusa!

BACK TO FRANK.. I think he’s frikkin cute! You can really feel the emotion in his voice when he sings. Some youtubers can do good covers of his songs but the emotion can’t be compared to the emotion he conveys.

This video JUST REMINDED ME of a Kimono I would like to purchase in Brick Lane.. I’d use it as a winter Jacket ;)… Time to start saving!

Some good youtube covers of Frank Ocean! I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it but if you haven’t your clearly not a youtube addict like me T_T!

Thinkin Bout You – Frank Ocean (Cover by Emmalyn & DJ Hunt)

Thinking About You / Headlines – Frank Ocean & Drake Mashup Cover

My favourite one!


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