Filipino models, Diversity and Orezime Marino

I was just thinking about the lack of diversity within the modelling industry. I had a day out with a good friend of mine, Orezime Marino who noticed that the majority of models seen in advertisements are mainly caucasian with the occasional token coloured model. I still don’t understand why this is, surely the items being modelled can be worn by ANYONE! right? I’m sure the truth is very harsh. Being Filipino, I decided to research on filipino models and about three came to mind.

Paolo RoldanCharo Ronquilloand the legendary Anna Bayle who is an ex model who had success during the 70’s and 80’sWhilst out shopping with Orezime Marino he took this picture… My peed off face haha BY THE WAY.. Please support Orezime Marino! He is filled with wisdom who is motivational and inspirational, he is also a talented actor and photographer.. HERE’S HIS BLOG! and a NICE SMILING FACE FROM HIM xD!


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