My new Jacket… is a Kimono awe yeah!

So I said I was thinking of purchasing a Kimono and I DID!

I first saw these kimono in Brick Lanes vintage shop “Blitz” I haven’t seen them anywhere else other than in this shop. I was caught between choosing the short or long ones but with some handy advice from my LCF babies I made the right choice.

If I were to purchase the long kimono I would look too (in the words of Prada monster” Dragon keeper.. but no matter how sexy that sounds.. I’m pretty sure you can picture it in your head. I had to think about practicality. If I were to travel using public transport, I would have to think about it not getting caught between doors, dragging it on the floor etc etc. SO I BOUGHT a short kimono.

I chose the grey-ish blue short kimono to use as a jacket and HERE IT IS :)!


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