Jhene Aiko and Sailing souls (MUST HAVE!)

This year when it came to music, I was getting back in touch with my roots. I started listening to TLC, Aaliyah, old school DC, the dozen or so boy bands that all sound like Boys 2 men, Whitney Houston.. Spice girls… Smash mouth… No doubt.. Pokemon and Digimon theme tune… xD


The majority of musicians these days sound the same it takes a while for me to settle with their music. NOW I know Jhene Aiko has been around since B2K but I never really gave her a chance till miss Toni Blaze (An Lcf now csm baby) forced me to listen to Jhene and so I did…

I really liked the mixtape Sailing Souls, it has a really chilled, laid back tone to it. Her vocals are very soothing and angelic even if she sings about love issues and hoping she doesn’t come across as a hoe… ft Miguel (whose vocals can be orgasmic with his control and teasing runs) hehe see what I did there :p. Jhene Aikos mixtape is definetly one to download…

Heres a music video with her song “Snapped” it has a cool anime theme going on!


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