Boy in Detention … Oh my Mr Brown!

I’ve always liked Chris Browns music, I’ve never been disappointed with any of his albums, there’s always a couple of songs that I liked from each album and mixtape. So when I downloaded his mixtape Boy in Detention I had high expectations and I was happy with it, some good beats and collaborations with artists that go well with Chris Browns style of music like Tyga (I enjoyed their mixtape Fan of a Fan), Kevin McCall and Justin Bieber. There is one artist I’m seeing called Se7en and I THINK it’s the korean singer but I’m not too sure, I tried to pin point his voice while those tracks were playing because he is featured in four of his songs but I don’t know if it IS him. Here’s a picture of Se7en.I did enjoy the mixtape but sometimes I lose interest because all he talks about is pride and sex so I have to be in the mood for it. He does rap a lot and there are times when I wait for him to sing a little note so if your expecting a sweet boy album this isn’t the one, but if your in the mood to strut while walking or something to bop your head to this is for you!

SO STRUT LIKE A VICTORIA SECRET MODEL 😉 (youtube video by richieboyland2) 

P.S Ya don’t need to be thin like these models to strut, You just need the attitude, even if your in a wheelchair and you have the right attitude damn you be mighty fine ;D


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