Cats, Monsters and Fashion


As a child I had a range of toys, a lot of polly pocket, a lot of pink and yellow rangers, a lot of Digimon and Pokemon plushes and a lot of mermaids and… barbies.. I was spoiled, I’m guilty of that. But as one grows older one is expected to grow out of toys. NOT ME..

Toys are a beautiful thing, they allow a child to create scenarios, experiment with their creative thought process etc. Lego is also a beautiful thing. I remember playing with Barbies and when they needed a bed, who needs to purchase one when you can build one out of lego! I do have a few collectable toys from the Marvel Series and Mcdonalds Barbies but after a long dry spell, Monster High dolls came into my life.

Monster High dolls are dolls that are based on monsters from popular culture such as Dracula and the Werewolf. Each doll has they’re own respective detail and the clothes are so intricate. I just can’t wait to own my first one. But its so hard when your trying to save up for your future 😦 !! The youtube webisodes are fun aswell, if you have time check em out here is a link to the main youtube site Monster high webisodes. 


 Soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!

Whilst at Selfridges I saw these mannequins with skeletal pieces on them. I’m inspired!


The topic of cats came up when I was having a conversation with Toni Blaze and the Prada Monster. Toni said it can be hard studying or doing whatever it is you do, then coming home to no one so its decided we become cat people.

In our heads we hope to look like thisBut would most likely end up like this BUT DON’T BE FOOLED GUYS! Cats are so in this season, especially in London, Cat earings, cat rings, cat printed tops… trust me. Now here’s a guy taking it to the next level, TYLER THE CREATOR! Only he could pull it off!!!



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