Frankie Stein, my first Monster High doll.

For the past few days now, whenever I happen to pass a toy store I would always look in to see the Monster High dolls and they are pretty pricey. Especially in Hamleys but naturally Hamleys would sell them for more.

Whilst grocery shopping however I found Frankie Stein for seven pounds cheaper. So obviously instinct told me to purrrrrchase ;).


The above is the packaging and it felt like taking out a school file with a little person in it. I am so fascinated with these dolls because as a child I played with both dolls and superhero action figures and it was really rare to have a superhero doll. They may not be super heros but they are MONSTERS with POWERS and they are FASHION DOLLS. Now that to me is enticing and the company have definetly done well with the marketing.There are many fine details witht his doll, on the figure itself and on the clothing. Its as if everything was made delicately and I am able to appreciate a doll that has many details on it, the tie for instance is polka dotted with a skull pin, there is a mini chain on the belt and the stitching is well crafted and it doesn’t look Tacky! I personally love how each doll has its own characteristics. Frankie Stein being the daughter Frankenstein would obviously need the bolts on her neck and stitches to keep her body pieces together. She has also inherited Frankensteins bride’s hair which feels so smooth :D! She also comes with a mini diary and a pet. Here’s a full image of the doll.


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