Wagamamarghhh and the epic betrayal of the cat!

Tonight was an epic night for me, I haven’t been out to enjoy myself in a while since everyone is at uni *sniff* but tonight the LCF lot and I went to WAGAMAMAS! I had another dumb moment when we were discussing the difference between Wagamamas and Wasabi, one of us said one is Chinese and one is Japanese (which is wrong they are both Japanese) and I stupidly said “They are both Japanese because they both begin with WA”… Everyone queue up to punch me. LOL

BUT YES it was a great night, personally I’m a fan of the Yaki Udon, my favourite dish ever but next time I should try something different. Here’s the gang for that night and “I IZ WEARIN MA KIMONO” I was a little worried I would look too Dragon keeper on a lunch break but meh ITS FINE who cares.


So I said earlier this week that one who is lonely must own a cat and become a cat person.. WELL now its going to be FOREVER ALONE… CHECK THIS OUT! PHAIL and someone had to say “Awwww honey. Rejected as a sailor scout”  T_T. I loved Sailor moon as a kid.. like sooo much. And to be told I’m a Sailor scout reject is WORSE THAN HEARTBREAK MANNN! 

Nahh but in the end the cat came back so there might be hope for me “I WILL RIGHT WRONGS AND TRIUMPH OVER EVIL… AND THAT MEANS YOU – Sailor Moon 😉

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