Tie Dye behbeh

I was inspired to tie dye, the last time I did it was when I was younger and that was supervised. So now that I’m a big boy now, I’m going to try it myself. I travelled to Covent Gardens London Graphic store where I was completely lost as I didn’t know what to purchase, wether it fabric paint would be fine. LUCKILY a random customer heard me talking to the cashier about tie dying  and he gave me some advice. I ended up purchasing these Dylon dyes. I purchased two plain white T-shirts, made of 100% cotton for £2.50 at Primark!

When I got home I did as he said (well not exactly as I could not remember the measuring side of things so I followed my instincts):

1. Wash the clothes

2. Get a bucket and add salt to the water.

3.Add the dye

4.Tie the fabric depending on how you want the pattern to show

5.pour the dye on different sections

6.Once dye is on the garment, put in plastic bag, seal and leave overnight.

7.Next morning rinse with cold water then wash with detergent and leave to dry naturally without direct sunlight.

HERE are the patterns I did!

Looks a bit like witchcraft and Voodoo. Don’t worry it isn’t haha. I’ll show you the results once all is settled.


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