First time (Tie dye results) and an apology!

SO HERE IT IS! Fresh out of the handwashing step and ready to dry out of direct sunlight ;)! I’m pretty pleased with them but I find the second one a tad wierd but its okay, the beauty of tie dye is the randomness! I call it LA BIKINI because when I wear it, the top section looks like a bra and the bottom looks like a panties TEEHEE!

The camera and the lighting is quite poor in this picture but I cropped it a little too much but its still fine. I placed the twist “NEAR TO MY HEART” haha cheesy. Heres the second one!

I feel the colour in LA BIKINI is definitely more striking. I got a lot of attention from wearing this, was a little paranoid about the pattern. but MEH.

BTW I must apologise for spelling DEFINITELY wrong. I know Rez’s blood would boil if he saw all the spelling mistakes.



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