My art and concept

I have been inspired by a number of things regarding my art work. I have been inspired by these words..

Nostalgia, desperation, lust, suppression, forlorn and madness

These feelings are skin deep and anybody can spiral into these emotions and eventually self destruct, the thing that I find interesting about this concept is the idea of rebuilding after the self destruction or the dead end rock bottom and the process and mental thoughts that go through one’s head. I would like to focus on trying to convey these emotions through body language and symbolism.

The media has definitely influenced my ideas, from films such as Black Swan and anime film Perfect Blue, games such as Alice in Wonderland Return to madness and mixtapes such as Jhene Aiko’s Sailing souls and Frank Oceans Nostalgia. I have some images playing around with an image and words (Tumblr style) The Frank Ocean one (Thinking about you) was posted on Tumblr and I cheaply did it on word , its getting a lot of reblogs at the moment, lets see if anyone will spot the green squiggly line haha.

                                                 My tumblr 🙂

Rihannas new video “We found love” is a good example of destruction between two people. As my mama said, with love comes hate, but this hate was born because of love. The passion just becomes too much. The concept is very Gustav Klimt tree of life. Obsession, jealousy, love, trust. Ahh the ideas are fuelling me. I’m very excited to share the art work I have to offer. But for now enjoy the video!


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