American Apparel Rummage Sale, Real Steel, Johnny cupcake, Jhene Aiko!

Jhene Aiko – My mine

The American apparel rummage sale was …GOOD. I spent £49.00 on three short shorts, a mesh baby blue t-shirt, navy blue mesh harem pants, a white back laced, off the shoulder top and a scarf hood roundup. A friend of a friend bought over £90 worth of stuff, and she only paid £39. The rummage sale ends tomorrow but I recommend people to go next time! It was held in Brick Lane and the queue was not long at all, we were queuing for under half an hour but bare in mind this was on the second day. The warehouse was huge and staff were still topping up on items. So for those of you who survived and got what you wanted well done! For those of you who didn’t make it, maybe next time :).


After a good morning of bargain hunting. I went to see Real Steel. Real Steel featuring Mr Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo. I did enjoy this film however there were a few points in the film when you would think “Really?” THIS IS BECAUSE it is father and son looking into eachothers eyes cheesy, I do love cheesiness but they came up so unexpectedly especially because you imagine it to be more of an action film with fighting robots. But overall it was a decent film!

Noisy Boy ❤

Ended the day visiting Johnny Cupcake in Carnaby street because they were revealing their Halloween designs, the staff were dressed as zombies, skeletons and vampires and whats Johnny Cupcake without cupcakes. Heres a cupcake I was given with a ghost!  With the change in weather, everybody is becoming ill, like me…T_T so TAKE CARE EVERYONE! wrap up warm :)..


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