Random thoughts

Sometimes in life, things happen bad or good, but whatever it is, it happens for a reason. You need to keep motivated to do something for yourself. Think about your legacy, think about your happiness and always remember the people that have helped you become who you are today, always appreciate never regret. Even the haters the people that treated you wrongly, they all impacted your life in some way, it just depends on how you handled the situation. Whatever it is always make sure the decisions you make are out of love and for happiness. You will come across obstacles and in the words of           Friedrich Nietzsche.. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

like seriously !
Also, I was on tumblr and saw Frank Ocean blog this, I thought it was interesting so I would like to share it with you.

The FIVE natural EMOTIONS 

and here is a picture I took today and it actually made me smile haha

P.S I’m currently starting a second project and its a collaboration! so I’m excited about that. I was walking around London today, photographing things for inspiration, I looked up at one of the buildings in Holborn…

 Looks like corn to me haha! HAPPY DIWALI EVERYONE!



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