Savage Beauty

I received a gift from my mama and it was a book imported from America and she hid it from me for a couple of months and she did it so well! This book is the one and only Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty. The cover is hardback with a hauntingly beautiful holographic image of Alexander McQueen morphing into a skull, an icon he uses a lot (as we all know).The front page aboveThe book itself feels like a bible for fashion. Everything in this book is beauty, every detail is intricate and its amazing how you can appreciate the garments even more. Every design is iconic and with each concept, a quote is written mentioning what inspired him or what was going through his mind at the time. I’ve owned this book for only two days and it still leaves me speechless.My favourite quotes in the book.


I’ve been listening to feel good Christina Aguilera, I came across this video and the lyrics really touched me, why have I not seen this video on my television! Her more meaningful songs are so underrated. Like Rihannas – We found love) the video and song helped inspire ideas for my current art project! Scroll down for some more info about my art project). Enjoy the video 🙂




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