Halloween costume 2011

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is having a great time trick or treating or whatever it is you do. But I want people to also remember that it is also a time to celebrate the lives of the dead and the impact that our departed loved ones have made to our lives :).

SOOO for Halloween I was inspired by the Japanese Kabuki actors/actresses. The make up they wore was beautiful and each style represented a character archetype. However I came across the idea of doll joints then mechanisms and electronics… eventually incorporating the idea of being a Japanese, biomech ninja with wounds! So here it is! BTW the cat from before came to visit me, I think its the neighbours :S It was rushed, I used black eyeliner for the details, Mac red lip pencil for the blood and Barry M sky blue lip and eye pencil for the silver affect. I’m not so great with mechanics so I just inserted wires and “plumbings” into my leg and face with joints on my knees, fingers and wrists. (No point on adding detail to the arms since I wore the kimono.) Here is a full image!


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