A quick update!

So currently while trying to launch my work to the world I am currently involved in two projects. My first project is with Mr Blair Lyons and it will be a collaboration. Release dates are tbc. I am also working with budding entrepreneurs Miss Chloe Fernandes and Miss Roselyn Xavier. Hope you will like the work that will be produced!

Beyonce’s music video Countdown is great! I love the contemporary feel to it, when I look at the music video, it just says american apparel to me (for those of you that don’t know, a.a is one of my favourite clothing stores.) The Rosas Danst Rosas contemporary dance  routine was given justice with her interpretation so kudos to you Bey! To be honest I knew of the dance and I was always looking for it on youtube but I just never knew the name. There’s a british parody of this dance by “Smack the pony” which I found hilarious (*siggh british humour) ! Here are the videos! ENJOY

There are many variations of this dance, just youtube Rosas Danst Rosas. The energy I interpret is suppressed sexuality and the movements and heavy breathing I FEEL expresses this frustration and exploration.

P.S I love the “OFF THE SHOULDER” theme. I’ve been rocking it so much this year, it just feels so chilled and free! So yeahh Off the shoulder ftw !


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