Lone London (part 1)

Sometimes, when things become too much and I need to get away from things, I walk around to keep things off my mind or to think things through. Something I learnt is that even though friends or family can be there for you, what if one day they aren’t or can’t be. You have yourself, people can only tell you to get up, but you have to pick yourself up.
So I decided to roam around London whilst keeping it productive and with the Christmas season approaching a lot of decorating has taken place!

As soon as I woke up I had to capture the change in season with my camera! Here’s an image of my garden and a road I walked by

The V&A is like another home to me, I love to go there because its one pretty interesting mess! What I mean by this is, there are so many things within the V&A from sculpture to paintings and different cultures from South east Asia to Europe. I always discover new things in there because I usually tend to skim through everything, I discovered the architecture room! Believe it or not but it was completely empty! This is because when you visit the V&A you need to visit every nook and cranny.


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