Lone London (part 2) – Harrods

Another thing I encountered was the shop front of Harrods… TWAS MAGNIFICENT! It’s glamorous and icy with mystery and the “weird.” I’ve always liked the idea of a tree lady but whenever I did doodles of them, they never came out feminine or sexy, they just looked like a younger version of Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas! Here is an image of the tree lady along some of the garments and mannequins’.

The mannequins are paired or poised in a way that it takes you to a world of myth and romanticism, they are also dressed in party dresses either made of jewels or adornedwith Jewellery.

My favourite section of the window display is the rotating Burlesque like miniature mannequins. I would have stood for to admire them for longer but I remember seeing a crowd of people waiting for me to get out of the way since the pavement is so narrow!


BTW THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT PEACOCKS! I was fascinated by them whilst I saw paintings of a south-eastern mythological creature called Kinari. Could peacocks be the new cats!!!! :O?


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