Meeting Rufai Ajala

One of my good friends is Rufai Ajala, spent a day with to discuss art exhibitions and exchange ideas. He has experience with lighting affects and is skilled in the art of photography and filming. During the day we spent our time getting inspiration from the Natural history museum. The Natural history museum is located around South Kensington literally next to the Victoria and Albert Museum. We roamed around a little more and TA DAA Covent garden has officially been decorated for Christmas 🙂

Here’s some of Rufai’s work and the picture above is him taking a picture of me whilst I take a picture of him! Here’s a picture of me experimenting with the Panorama application on his iphone. I know that the application can be used on other devices. Awe yeahh Mikey Espinosa being epic once again xD!

P.S He was also involved with this advert… I loved this advertisement, it’s an advertisement for Adidas Originals. Seeing korean star Lee Hyori, David Beckham, Snoop, Ciara and many other talented artists took part in this advert.



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