Winter Ringtones and Wrapping up warm!

It is getting colder and colder, personally I love the cold, I sleep better in the cold, its cosey and of course its self cuddling season or for some of you lucky people “cuddle eachother warm” people! Anyway jackets will keep you warm but your accessories such as scarfs, hats and gloves! I’ve always had the same stuff but since its my first winter on this blog, I’ll show you what I have.

This is my first scarf playing around with different ways of wearing them. Pretty basic. I wouldn’t do the middle one though, I was just being silly with the whole head scarf idea, I would rather have my neck warm!

I bought this hood/scarf from the American apparel sale, it’s not that warm so I would probably wear it if I was wearing more layers. These are my favourite gloves that I got as a birthday gift last year from Topman!

But my favourite scarf is from my trip in Manchester, this scarf was handmade from cleaned, unprocessed sheeps wool. Unprocessed sheep wool still maintains natural oils which when processed is used for hand lotions and creams. I am not lying when I say my skin feel slightly softer. There are also holes made within the scarf  and this actually insulates! It is also extremely long which I love, I feel like I’m a cool RPG character on a mission! To get myself into a jolly mood for Christmas and I wanted to look for a new ringtone for my phone! So whilst on youtube I was listening to OF COURSE Sistar – ma boy to start my day, I then noticed a youtube user named musicboxmcat and this user turns kpop or jpop songs into cheesy, twinkle eye’d music box music! I have ma boy as my new Winter Ringtone. Here’s 2NE1’s song Lonely (a favourite song of mine) as it would sound as a music box song!

P.S Don’t forget your CARMEX , VASELINE or MOTHERPUCKERS! 🙂 keep them lips moisturised ;)!


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