Losing my Yo Sushi Virginity to Miss Tran

Spent the day with Tran Q Le, also known as Soho Qt (That’s her twitter.) SO Yo Sushi virgins, Yo Sushi is a restaurant where the food is placed on a conveyer belt and you pick the plates that you want to eat from. The plates are coloured allowing you to work out the price of your meal. The one we went to was located on Poland street, near Carnaby Street and Soho. It was Blue Monday so most of the dishes cost only £2.30! Well worth it for my first time and the lady serving us was very pleasant and thought we were from Burma!

Tran was wearing a Billionaire Boyfriend top, Topshop Furry hat, Black Dr Martens with acid wash skinnies from Cheap Monday and a Marc Jacobs bag. Casual but pulled off well in my opinion!

A while back, we were browsing through stores and this caught our eye. *advertisementvoice* “Introducing your own Chocolate  fantasy TASTY TYRONE! The darker the berry the sweeter the Juice!” There is also a cupcake store found in Soho (Just like Tyrone) which serves cupcakes with iced private parts as decoration! Soho is a great place to be if your up for a cheeky laugh. The restaurants there are also beautiful and ideal for dates or relaxation time. 

On other news I purchased Saints Row the third and it is a FUN game, the thing that keeps me addicted is not just the outrageous plot and people you encounter (such as a sexually active man who autotunes his voice), but the customisation and the glitches. Here’s my character dressed as Gogo from Kill bill and a glitch where one of my team mates heads got stuck to a concrete wall! TIS A MUST IF YOU HAVE SOME ANGER TO RELEASE ! The gameplay allows you to release some stress after a long week!


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