Permed hair and Shopping in Bicester

First of all, I just want to say I’m experimenting a little with my hair, going for the whole “permed” look. I was inspired by Vanessa White from The Saturdays natural curl look. It is very damaging to my hair to do this all the time so make sure you condition your hair and apply hair serum to protect it when applying heat. My hair is naturally thick and wavy so that’s an advantage for me to keep the curls in place, all I do is wash my hair, allow it to dry naturally then pick small clumps of hair and curl it and finish it off with hair spray. Here’s the result!

NOW BICESTER, Bicester Village is located in the countryside in Oxfordshire and coming from London it takes between one and a half hours to two hours. I only made one purchase today and that was a Versace jumper which was almost half price (be sure to check the quality is good guys before you purchase!) and I paired it with my Miu Miu smart shoes and regular skinny jeans. I look majorly pale in this image but I guess its the winter taking my tan away and freezing my blood!!

We travelled quite early and being Filipino and the day being a “Filipino outing” we decided bring some Pancit with us and some Chicharones! Here are some images I took while it was still empty! That pretty much lasted ten minutes. 

Tips for Bicester. 1.Get there early 2.Browse before making any final purchases 3.Check that there are no faults with the garments 4.Be prepared for queues

The higher end designer shops open later!



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