Faux fur vs Vraix fur

Pardon my french, I only passed that subject! Anywho… Now that it is winter and people want to look as glamorous as possible during this season, during the past couple of years now Fur has slowly been creeping back into the fashion scene. Fur has always been a controversial topic within the industry and its main reason is because of how real fur is obtained and the cruel process that happens. Apparently in the olden days when people would hunt for food, they give thanks for the animals killed, because it is a sin to waste, the meat would obviously be eaten, I don’t know what happens to the bones (I think it would have been buried or something rather) but the fur would be worn as clothing. BUT NOW, due to the materialistic world we live in, animals are killed ONLY for their fur. Here’s a youtube video I watched about how it is obtained.


Some of my friends who wear fur only wear vintage fur, which may be seen as acceptable because the animals were killed decades ago and in purchasing vintage garments, you are not supporting the companies that are STILL killing animals for their fur. You can still look and feel good with faux fur as an alternative, with great care you can maintain the faux fur’s quality. Personally a few months back I wanted to purchase vintage rabbit fur to use as a scarf or to keep my neck warm, I was aware of animal cruelty so I watched these videos again to ask myself is it really worth it. In the end I couldn’t go through with it. I ended up buying this FAUX fur neck scarf from ASOS for only £25. I have a faux fur hat that has gotten wet once in a while but I just brush it every now and then to keep it soft.

I’m wearing this with a denim jacket, it looks great with dark clothing and if you have dark hair like me, the lighter the colour of the fur the better because it shows off your hair more! I decided to name this faux fur Hugo. LOL


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