Self reflection… Personal time.

This year has been filled with many experiences and the common thing that kept coming up was bonds, breaking bonds and the aftermath. I think this year, I have experienced so much of that it has come to the point where I realise, if something you love and are attached to (this could include a job, a craft, a person, an item, anything) breaks, it happens for a reason. No matter how hard it is, sometimes you need to let go and try and turn it into a learning experience TO BETTER YOURSELF. Not for anyone for you. Maybe it isn’t time for whatever it is, maybe that time will come but later on in life or something better would come along but till then focus on you and your goals. Being emotionally hurt is understandable but rather than spiralling downwards use it in a productive way. In my case it’s through my art work and slight changes with my lifestyle. Keep it productive to BETTER YOURSELF.

Here’s an art piece inspired by emotional detachment, the idea of being free from bonds and searching for self improvement, realising self worth and inner beauty. It’s a water colour piece.

I also bought fairy lights to help improve the evening mood. A lot of people tend to find themselves reflecting on things late in the evening or just before they go to bed, but over thinking can lead to self destruction and that always isn’t a good thing, so I purchased fairy lights from MUJI to lighten the mood and distract me with its oh so natural silk worm cocoon prettiness!

 I’m lucky to have everyone in my life, friends and family, the people that have upset me, the people that have made me happy, whatever it is, thank you. NO HARD FEELINGS, ITS ALL AN EXPERIENCE


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