Recycling old clothes PART 1

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and thought “Dayum I have soooo much clothes.” OR “Dayum I will never wear this again.” I’m sure you all have. Usually I would give the clothes to charity or if they are suitable for hot weather, send them to the Philippines. But what if you have an emotional attachment with a piece a clothing but you know that you would NEVER wear it again. Well I’ve come to a conclusion that you should recycle it, maybe by adding colour to it, dyeing it or cutting it. This post has “PART 1” in its title because I’m pretty sure I will have clothes in the future that I would recycle.

I have this navy-ish blue hoodie I purchased during my secondary school years. All the Filipinos had it and I tried to conform to the blue hoodie but it didn’t work out for me, but I still wore it! Looking at it now, it has no shape, it has that decayed look and the material is kinda uncomfortable and stiff, so I decided to cut it. Inspired by the “BOY LONDON” Skeletal jumper I bought a while back, I cut out a rib-like shape at the back and horizontal lines across the arms. The only difference with the rib cage pattern compared to the Boy London top is that the space given is wider and the last cut is large, I didn’t like the wierd overlapping the Boy jumper did so to avoid this, I created a larger hole. I really like the movement the cut outs on the arms give. It’s almost wave like! I improvised with the cutting and didn’t plan out how I should have cut it. It may have been neater.

Playing around…


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