Comic book love PART 1 – Will and the X-men

Guys… This is Will, he shares the same passion that I have which is the love of comic books but most importantly, I have met my match when it comes to the knowledge of X-men. During the day he repeatedly insulted Emma Frost who is one of my favourite characters by calling her “Headmistress of the hoes” and also battled about Storms atrocious weave in the 80’s, whilst reminiscing about awesome story lines that we’ve read. Will is now my partner in crime when it comes to comic book hunting which is rare to find in friends. An example of why this is rare you ask? I went to Forbidden planet the following day with a friend named Melody, she picked up the comic “Morning Glory” and says to me “I read this backwards right?”… pause…point proven. So whenever we comic book hunt, I will talk about new and old story lines, art work, action figures etc.

Orbital comics is located somewhere between Leicester and Covent garden. What I love about this store are the vintage toys they sell from beast wars to Transformers it is almost like a museum of awesomness so I recommend you go there especially if your into the golden years of comics and animation. There’s currently a display of figures made from card of characters from Star Wars, DC comics, Dr Who and He-man. The details are from his Business card so for any information contact Ryan Hall. Ryan Hall, if you ever come across my blog, I give you a round of applause!

I also have a surprise for you…

When I was younger I used to make my own comics using mixing characters from Marvel, DC, games and various anime whilst making my own story line. When I turned fourteen I decided to try and be more original with characters so I came off taking other characters and started making my own. Since then I haven’t drawn anyone from Marvel so I decided to give it a go once more! Reading comics, gaming and animation allowed me to understand facial features and expressions, different poises, helped expand my imagination and colour… With the occasional inspired by fashion! I used pen and water colour, it’s been a while since I used water colour AND pen so forgive me for the messiness, however I did enjoy doing this, brought back a lot of memories :’).


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