Weave, Dye and Curls

I’ve always been interested in weave, the fascination kicked in when I was in primary school and my friends would tell me how Latoya luckett and Aaliyah were wearing weave! Since then its all about the hair

This is the weave we are working with! The lady whose weave I’m colouring belongs to Ella December, a music reviewer, blogger and a very close friend of mine (details at the end of blog post.) She purchased her weave from Ebay and it is Brazilian hair, lengths 20, 16 and 12 inches. The look we were going for is 2011’s trend ombre/dip dyeing. Though in my memory I first saw it on UK garage band Misteeq back in the early 2000’s. So this is the dye that we used… 

The bleach itself is powder and we added peroxide till it formed into a sludgy substance (thats how I explain it haha.) The weave was layed out onto foil whilst wearing gloves to protect our skin from the bleach. I accidently had some of the powder on my hand and my skin turned white and took a couple of days to disappear. Using the foil I formed a cut off line for the bleached hair however using the brush, at some sections I went a little over the line to give it a more grown out affect. Once the bleach was set on the hair, we covered the hair with foil which allowed the heat to speed up the process of stripping the colour. We checked every 10 minutes to see how much of the colour was stripped and we left it on for 45 minutes. BARE IN MIND that if this was done on your real hair, it will be advised to leave it in at the given time. After 45 minutes, we conditioned the hair and left it in for 5 minutes then washing it out completely. Hanging it with two hangers across the room (Its exactly how your imagining it!) we blow dried it and it managed to maintain its curls. REMEMBER that when the weave is wet, the hair would look darker as shown. I was a little cheeky and took some of the left over dye and bleached the tips of my own hair, leaving it for 20 minutes. It was a little safer because it wasn’t close to the roots. After I washed it out, it was quite dry so I trimmed it to get rid of the split ends. I’ve had it for a couple of days now and this is the first time I coloured my hair! It’s quite weird because its so stretchy when it’s wet! I’ve been told to protect it using Argan oil which can be purchased in any hair shops! Here are the results! 

Ella Decembers Tumblr

Ella Decembers Twitter

For more info just ask her!

Also watch my girl Ijeoma’s videos! She keeps me updated about the weave 😉


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