Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Hello 2012! 2012 could potentially be an exciting year for everyone, people just need to kick themselves UP the butt to get cracking with their goals. Remember to stay motivated this year! In 2011 I learnt that there should be a good balance in your life, regarding work, social life, personal goals and most importantly yourself. Here’s a heart spark thrown at you!

I must apologise for not posting recently, last week was my end of celebration week, since friends were back for their holidays, I spent some time with them. I started off the week with close friends playing games such as Cranium. Cranium is a board game that puts you into teams and allows you to pick up cards and you have to do challenges. These challenges range from multiple answer questions, turning your partner into a puppet, Charades, using play doh to sculpt something and drawing tasks with a set time. The highlight from that night was watching my friend turning into a puppet whilst another tried get him to realise he was doing the mexican wave. I was given a drawing challenge and I had to draw a tug boat, but for some reason I read it as tug goat so all my friends were like… ” What on earth is that. ” Cranium was definitely fun, Imagine playing that intoxicated!

How could I not spend my final week with Ella December, sharing noodles and gossip is what we do best! Remember to follow her on twitter and read her blog! Ella December – Twitter Ella December blog – wordpress

And of course we decided to end the year with a night out at Roadhouse with BigTime! Roadhouse had a live band which wasn’t really to my taste but when they had a break the DJ played some pretty cool tunes. I danced so hard my legs are still aching! It was great, it’s as if there’s always drama in Roadhouse and the layout is pretty cool! Very reminiscent of those biker bars you see in American movies but with a modern and sophisticated twist.

REGARDING ARTWORK! That will be coming up soon! Thank you for the support you have given me last year and join me in my new adventures this year!


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