My skin care routine

When reading this, bare in mind that everyone has different skin types but this routine is what works for me.

So my skin is soft but it can get oily especially when I travel on the underground and the air in London can be quite polluted especially during the summer. During my early teen years I used Tea tree oil from body shop and that took care of my skin for a while. My brother looks really young for his age and he’s in his thirties so I asked what he used and he said Simple. 

I slowly moved to simple products and they do well for my skin! At night I use the scrub to remove impurities massaging my face with my fingertips moving in a circular motion (allowing blood circulation) starting with my forehead then moving to my nose, to the cheeks and ending up around the neck area. Don’t forget to wash behind your ears, corners of your noses and your necks! In the morning I just use the regular face wash.

After each wash I use the toner and moisturise. When I apply the toner I use cotton wool and lightly brush it against my skin in an upward motion, the middle image shows where I apply the cream, focusing on smile lines and other places that are prone to show signs of ageing. The skin around the eyes have no pores so that’s one of the places to get dry easily so pay attention to that, however some chemicals are harsh for the eye area so to be on the safer side, try to find an eye cream that is suited for your skin. I then gently massage the cream in a circular motion once again stimulating the blood circulation. ALSO pay attention to the neck!

In general my skin is very soft and cushiony but sensitive. The body wash I use is Lynx Snake peel, it has a citrus scent to it which I enjoy and I feel like it leaves my bathroom smelling nice after I’m done :p! There are also Micro scrub particles to help remove any dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin. When I finish showering I pat my skin with a towel and use baby oil to moisturise my skin whilst it’s damp to lock in moisture. Make sure when moisturising, you focus on your knees, elbows and ankles. Remember oil is very slippery so if you drop any on the floor make sure you clean up to avoid slipping!

SO that is my skin care routine, it’s a little out of the art and design area but people have complimented me on my skin not why not share what I use! Remember to know your skin type before you use any of the products!

Here’s a video of what not to do in the shower! By youtube user noelkristi

LOL I found it funny, if you didn’t I’m sorry for wasting your time haha! She does awesome Impressions aswell so check her out!


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