Losing myself and finding myself through art.

Acrylic (7th Jan 2012) Nameless

Let the paintbrush do its work, let loose, let go… lose your mind.

Don’t understand it? You don’t need to, Artwork is biographical, any creative outlet is somewhat biographical. Sometimes, life becomes overbearing , emotions consume you, you suppress it. It builds up and you need to let it out. Let go.

People may critisize, what is this supposed to mean? who inspired you? what medium do you use? What if… You don’t know what it means, it’s just what you want to do, what if I can’t pin point what or who inspired me, what if the medium I’m using is the only medium that was available to me.

Being in this mind set is scary, delving into the mind that you haven’t touched before, becareful not to lose yourself. It can be dangerous. Dangerous but exciting. Make sure you have a tight grip on reality.

Feelings right now: Deep, filled with so many emotions it almost feels empty, nostalgic.


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