Black and Gold

I have always been a fan of Black and Gold, it is such a cheesy combination but it just always appealed to me. This is taking it back to the basic hoodie, it was one of my first “I’m impressed with the Gold and Black” combination. Being that humble age of fourteen and keeping it safe and simple.

When a television programme named Model City started (a reality show that followed the lives of models.) A model named Zeric Armentos wore a Leopard print Varsity jacket, I fell in love and looked everywhere for something at least similar to it. This was about two or three years ago and I still fantasised about it. The North face and Supreme leopard print jacket was revealed but it lacked that extra Oomph for me and personally (being concious about money.) I know it wouldn’t be what I was looking for and I’d end up regretting the purchase. HOWEVER whilst shopping in Oxford Circus Topshop…

I saw this! Priced at £48.00 if I remember, I stopped and gawked. It was right before my eyes, I had Toni Blaze to tell me to fullfill my year long dream of purchasing it and I did! Even though it has a Versace like print (which is currently on trend) I have no regrets buying it and I know its something I would still wear even if the trend faded. Like my harem pants :p. This also comes with purple floral prints scattered on the Jacket.

I also purrrrr chased this!

From Urban Outfitters I spent about fifty quid on it. The print once again, very common but only on scarves which have been used for head scarves, ties, to wrap around the neck and even to add detail to bags, but I haven’t seen one on a sheer shirt. I saw this particular shirt a couple months ago but purchased the last one during the sales! Luckyyy me ;D! If your out for something similar I hope you find it.

The necklace is a Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace with a heart shaped key with a crack going down the middle with Marc Jacobs written across it and was a gift from dear Melody Pena! Thank youu!

And sooo that is what you will probably see me wearing every now and then for a couple of weeks… maybe even months, before I resurrect/purrrr chase something else. Here’s an instagram picture of me wearing my Meow Bomber Jacket whilst pulling my epic Feesh leeps face 😀 yay!


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