Studying a new face

There was a project I once did and it involved studying painters and their style and then painting myself in their style. Like studying for a test, sometimes you need to study for an art piece. While looking at my drawings and doodles of people, I didn’t notice it before but friends pointed out that they looked like me, eyebrow shape, lips, jawline etc. I then remembered my art teacher telling me that when you are used to studying someones face (let’s say mine), when you start to draw other people, their features would be similar to yours. So I decided to give myself a side project which allows me to study other peoples faces just so that when I start to draw and doodle characters in my mind, I will start to use features that are not all like mine. Hopefully this would make the characters I draw more distinctive. Soooo… the current face I’m studying is… Do you remember my comic adventure blog post? Because it is Will that I will be studying from for the time being.


Here are a couple of really rough sketches to get used to the shape of his face and features and understanding his structure, when I study from peoples faces I look at their eyes and then their lips. I’m getting there.






I also did a small acrylic painting that JUST focuses on his eyes with a purple background.

More paintings and studies of friends, family and inspirational people to come! I have so much going on so my work is all over the place at the moment! So I apologise for the long pauses with the blog posting!


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