More Dip Dye!

It’s been a while since I saw these ladies and if you check my first couple of posts on this blog we took a similar picture to this so we decided to retake it but 4 months down the line! Whilst shopping we came across this pretty awesome Tee, I would have Purr chased but they only had small sizes left :(.

Jesus is my Homeboy

So as you know I’ve dyed the tips of my hair and since then I’ve dip dyed/ombre’d my friends hair and here are a couple that I have done.

Our very own Prada Monster. I dip dyed her hair and added a strand on one side. She was thinking of dyeing it another colour but for now she will be keeping this effect as it has a sunrise/sunset warm look… warming up London during this cold period! Stay tuned to her blog to see what colour she dyes it in the end!

I dyed Roselyn’s hair leaving some locks black and finishing it off with burgundy.

With my own hair I went lighter from brassy to blonde. The tips as expected are dry and damaged so trim the tips before you dye and keep it protected using Moroccan Argan oil and condition your tips!


2 thoughts on “More Dip Dye!

    1. Hey :)! I just used regular bleach, If your hair is naturally dark it tends to come out that colour. The longer the bleach is on the hair, the lighter it becomes, so to achieve this colour, just keep an eye when you’re dyeing it. Hope this helps 🙂

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