Whitney Houston and Cassie – King of Hearts

I’ve always been a fan of Cassie because her music allows you to chillax, but if you’ve been following her since her Me & U days, you will realise that her sound has been changing as well as her look. Her music has become more Dance and House while her look has become more edgy. She definitely is a style icon for me. When she released Official girl I personally felt that the video was underrated. The video and lyrical content had more depth to it and people could relate to the song. She recently released King of Hearts and the video is realllllll cute. It would have been nicer if there was a little more dancing but watching her was enough for me.

Enjoy the King of Hearts video!

ALSO I would like to express my feelings on Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston’s music impacted my life, especially her late 80’s, early 90’s music. Her music was played in my house during my early years and it carried on to this present day. ESPECIALLY when one was feeling emotional. I hate it when people critiscize people for paying respects to a celebrity and say things like “YOU DIDN’T KNOW THEM!”, “They brought it upon themselves” etc… CHILD SIT DOWN! If that’s how you feel, keep your disrespectful comments to yourself. Just because I didn’t know her personally doesn’t mean I can’t express my sadness for her death. BUT ANYWAY, Whitney Houston R.I.P we thank God that we have been blessed by such a moving and inspirational talent and now you can finally rest in peace.

Here’s a favourite music video of hers



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