Mikey Espinosa… The zombie

In 2010, I was in my second year at sixth form, one of the subjects I studied was media and the project we were given was to create a film trailer and a poster to advertise this film. I was teamed with class mates Melody Pena, Lian Gray and Jamal Shillingford, together we were given the genre “Zombie.” The first thing that came to mind was blood, wounds etc. We were each given different roles in the team and I was in charge of make up! We travelled to Covent garden in central London and discovered a professional make up store named Charles fox where they advised us how to create the zombie look. Take a look at this video from my youtube account mikeyespinosatv! (don’t forget to subsrcribe, like and comment :)) The video includes the trailer we made!

We used:

Tissue, watercolour, liquid latex, contact lenses, fake blood (edible)

Tissue and latex was used to mould and keep the wound in place, watercolour was then painted onto the tissue so that it would blend with the skin. The inside of the wound was painted a darker colour and fake blood was poured onto the wound and we would just leave it to naturally “dribble” out of the wound. It was definitely a fun project! Here’s a picture of the team and I!


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