Bleaching a black Tee

Looking at dip dyed hair and having tie dyed my T-shirts  for the past couple of months now gave me an idea to try and dip dye a T-shirt, but instead using coloured dye I bleached the black T-shirt. I’ve seen garments out there that have this gradient affect and I wanted to achieve that. So I added bleach and a bit of warm water into a bucket and dipped the T-shirt (I decided to dip the top section of the Tee.) MAKE SURE TO WEAR GLOVES TO PROTECT YOUR HANDS!

I left the T-shirt in the bleach for about 45 minutes  and its effects were taking place. I realised that it wasn’t having that gradient affect that I wanted because the fabric was overlapping each other, meaning that the bleach wasn’t spread evenly on the T-shirt…










I do like the outcome of the bleaching. This awesome design was a complete fluke The top area was immersed in the bleach, I squirted pure bleach on the lighter areas.

When tie dyeing and bleaching the outcome is always not what you expect and completely random and that’s the fun of it! I’ll be experimenting with other coloured Tees so watch out for future posts! Thank you for reading!


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