Fang – Final fantasy XIII

I have been a fan of Final fantasy since I played Final fantasy X-2 (I’m a sucker for video games that have female lead characters)! Since Final fantasy X-2 I decided to try the other games, playing Final fantasy 10, 8 and a bit of 12 becoming a fan of the series. With the majority of the games having male leads, when 13 came out obviously I rushed straight to the stores to purchase the game. The game itself is different to other final fantasy game’s as the gameplay is more linear, something that I had to get used to. I eventually grew a liking to the character Fang!
As you know, my second/third home is a cult entertainment store known as FORBIDDEN PLANET! Selling action figures, figurines, trading cards, comics, books, films, anime and manga etc. So obviously when I saw Fang a couple of months back I wanted her to be mine! However I had doubts always asking myself is it worth it. Last month I decided that I did want to purchase her and on my visit to the store that day… SHE WAS NO MORE! With Final fantasy XIII-2 coming out I had no hope as these figurines would be replaced by the more updated characters. I just thought, if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. I was so upset that day but luckily Will was there to reassure me, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be… Dramatic right!?

As you can obviously see, I have images of her and BOY was I happy to find her. Believe it or not but when I saw her I was doubting her again but then remembered how I was when it wasn’t in stock so I bought her straight away. NO REGRETS…

Fang is a Play arts Kai volume 2 figurine and play arts rarely disappoint. Articulation points are alright, the hands, legs, feet and torso have decent movements but the design and fine details are what appeal to me, her tattoos and branding, the details of her clothing and her weapon are just beautiful! She’s my first Play arts figurine :3!


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