Stations of the cross (In comic form)

I was born and raised a Roman Catholic and around Spring time we celebrate Lent. Lent remembers the time Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights fasting in the desert whilst enduring temptation from the devil. So we give up a luxury in memory of what Jesus did and this year I gave up eating between 8pm and 7am… Some of you say it’s ridiculous but believe me, I snack A LOT especially within those times. In a way it will also help me in the long run, teaching me discipline and to be healthier.

I was around Trafalgar square and saw these banners of Stations of the Cross in Manga/Comic style. It’s an interesting way to get the youth or comic lovers back in touch with their faith or even just to share what we believe in to other faiths and people. I took pictures and thought I should show them to you :). Enjoy



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