Painting Tran

Tran – Mikey Espinosa (27.02.2012) Acrylic on Canvas 50cmx50cm

Do you remember my friend Tran? She took my Yo Sushi virginity! Whilst painting her, I struggled a little because I haven’t studied from her face before. Whilst painting her, I made a few mistakes such as the height of her eyebrows and the bite of her mouth but edited it using the camera on my phone. When painting, the image in front of you will look different compared to seeing it as an image on your phone, this is because you’re seeing it as a whole and seeing it as a whole allows you to pin point which areas need work. In the video, I quickly study the features which are important to me then I paint her! Enjoy the video and subscribe to my youtube account and rate! πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Painting Tran

  1. Mikey..that was amazing, standing ovation!!! I loved this. I really appreciated your study at the beginning and was just enthralled with your technique. I have only completed two portraits of my children and it took me about 8 hours a peice (they were my first portraits and I did them with a pop art feel). How long did it take for you to complete this fabulous work? What did your friend think of it?

    1. Thank you for the compliment :)! I’m glad you loved this piece ! It took me about four hours to paint the piece while occasionally taking a step back to try and capture my friends likeness. My friend loved it and I’m happy that she does :)!

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