New Monster High dolls 2012

As you already know I am a major Monster high dolls fan. The amount of detail given to these dolls are just BEAUTIFUL! So while I was browsing the net I came across these new monster high dolls. Steampunk is obviously one of the things that is in or upcoming right now and seeing that being incorporated into dolls… WONDERFUL.

The doll to the left was named Robecca Steam and what I like most about this doll are the shoes and leg details given to her. The bag and metal skirt also add to the steampunk, Victorian/futuristic feel to it, the mechanical penguin, random but cute! She will be available in stores in August. The doll that definitely caught my attention was Venus, so many things to look at, the shoes the vines that wrap around her arms and legs, the hair and my favourite added touch… THE SHAVED HEAD! Poison Ivy from DC comics inspired much though? with the green skin and vines… to be very honest I don’t mind, it is a beautiful doll. Like Robecca, Venus will be in stores beginning of August. I cannot wait!

Rochelle Goyle will be released in May, her design is alright, I like the wings, the horns and the pet but I think she’s just about average when it comes to the design, the other two outshine her, but nonetheless a pretty but not so eye catching doll, in comparison to the rest, when I first saw this image, I immediately thought of Hunchback of Notre Dame.


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