Jiggly Bakes!

This is Christine! She is also an artist and specialises in traditional art, her oil painting skills are amazing an she’s so knowledgeable about artists and skills, I always learn something new from her! On the side she has been working on her baking. In China town they sell these sponge, fruit cakes which are very nice, the sponge is soft, the fruit fresh and it’s covered in cream! Christine has perfected this sponge cake but today we will be baking cupcakes!

These are the products we will be using to decorate our cupcakes!

We placed the mixture into cute little cups and watched them rise, two of the cupcakes exploded because like clay, there was too much air within the mixture. Brown sugar was used to add a richer taste and a golden look. Once the cupcakes have baked we had to wait for them to cool down before decorating them, personally I really liked the cupcakes warm, they were soft, warm and would have tasted very well with custard. 














Once the cakes had cooled down Christine whisked the cream so that it would thicken, then we decorated it.  I overdid the decorating with Malteasers and pink sprinkles, ALL THE PRETTY CREAM DECORATION was done by Christine, you need the right amount of even pressure when applying it ! It was so fun! Here are the results.

I added the effects using princess cam (such a cute and funny application on my itouch). Overall, the cupcakes were good, very filling and it’s fun to be experimental with the designs. Christine is is starting her blog  JIGGLYBAKES please check it out and follow for more baking tips and decorations! To end this blog post here are some pictures of us NOM OMO NOMING away 🙂 CUPCAKE LOVE<3


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