Mikey Espinosa – Soul Rainbow

Mikey Espinosa – Soul Rainbow (24″x30″)

Another piece I just did just to let out something out, I was a little inspired by a status update someone I know wrote, it said “What colour is your soul.” How I interpreted it was, what colours and moods do you feel when you think about yourself as a person or even, what colours best express a mood you’re feeling. I did something similar back in 2010 known as the selfish truth. I think I might have to give these self portraits of me a name because I feel like its an alter ego. When painting this, I literally came out of the shower, threw on headphones and listened to the late Nujabes music, particularly music from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack, unlike the selfish truth, I continued to paint this image whilst calming down. It felt great to let it all out, I feel lucky that I have a creative outlet and actually feel satisfied afterwards.


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