Retouching a painting from 2011

There are some art pieces that I’m happy with, then there are unfinished ones. I’m sure a lot of creative people that have unfinished pieces and don’t know how to finish them. My art teacher once told me that some artists would leave a painting for YEARS before they go back to it. I painted this sometime last year –

Parasaimo – Mikey Espinosa (11.08.2011) Acrylic on canvas/width 12 in x height 32 in

This piece had a sister painting and was known as “Dalawa”

I felt that the painting didn’t express what I wanted it to express and it just looked like a cheeky painting I did, so I left it for a while till I felt like I knew what I wanted to do to it. So last night I was just thinking about this painting and the penance painting I did a while back. The penance painting was probably one of my most personal and heartfelt works and I felt like this one should be like that as well. This is because it represents something that is quite intimate and personal to anyone. So like the penance piece I finished this off by finger painting it. Resulting in this- 

Positioning the two together, I now feel that they do link together and Dalawa has a bit more character to it. I’d like to think it represents the lust for someone or the lust for the experience  but it could also mean a jealous person over thinking that a loved one may be having an affair, I don’t know, guess it depends on the viewer and their mood?


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