Statement accessories

Jewellery and other accessories add that extra touch to an outfit. Last year I had a lot of random ring, necklace and bangle phases but I began to dress a little more simple once 2012 started because when you’ve got such hectic deadlines I have those “chuck on something comfortable (but still nice)” days. Because I started dressing a bit plainer, I wear the odd accessory to be the statement piece of an outfit. Wearing the YSL arty Enamel Accented Ovale & Dots Ring with my topshop leopard print jacket then colour co-ordinating it with my Madpax backpack that I bought on sale from Selfridges :P. It’s a little wacky but I love it.I love the design of this ring, it’s of a skull with blue gems in it’s eye sockets. There are moths and flowers adorning the skull. It is kind of heavy to wear though but maybe it’s only because it’s slightly loose so i can really feel the weight when I wear it. I’m wearing a diamond nail ring from topshop, a beaded necklace with a cross along with my Chinese inspired tee and feathers plaited with my hair.I was really inspired by nature and Frank Ocean’s love for Orange and warm colours as well as his Swim good music video!

I’m contemplating wether I would wear head jewellery… we’ll see.


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