Double…Triple dose of Monster High!

Last week I double dosed on Monster High dolls. Abbey Bominable is becoming quite rare in the shops and so I panicked a little bit but managed to find her in Hamleys… Yeah… I spent a little bit extra on her. But here she is in her packaging!

So I opened the doll and she’s quite Majestic. A very glittery doll. Her hair is white with streaks of baby blue and pink with strands of glitter hair which feels elastic, it did shed a little so I’m a little delicate when it comes to brushing it. Her skin is also glittery and she has clawed fingers. Her mouth protrudes probably because of her sharp teeth! I find the shoes and ribbon that holds her dress together quite cute and the fur softens her harsh features.

I also purchased the Werecat twins…

Purchasing the Werecats well… It’s kinda bittersweet, but mostly sweet. I love the slight differences with the Meowlody and Purrsephone dolls. The hair, the jackets and shoes are very cute. You definitely feel “Twin power” with these dolls. However I was disappointed with the lack of combs and stands.

But anyway here’s an image of my current collection of Monster high dolls and I’m very happy with them, I only purchase the default dolls. CUTE RIGHT! :p


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