Ink, watercolour and Yoshitaka Amano!

So as you might know, I am a huge final fantasy fan (I coincidently purchased a Yoshitaka Amano art tee from uni qlo! which I love :P!) As an artist, I love to look at concept  art, character design etc and Yoshitaka Amano stood out as one of the leading artists for the franchise. When I look at his work, I love the delicate, fantasy like feel I get from it. The colours and lines aren’t harsh and if the colours ARE bold, the design still retains its dream like essence. This inspired me to experiment with watercolour and ink, from what I’ve learnt, it’s best to literally play with the inks and colour. I focused on using the ink first and I’m gradually introducing the watercolour! I was inspired by his style but just added my own twist to it 🙂

Dreama in InkAgape in inkAgape in watercolour and ink

And here’s my tribute piece using Agape, Liberty and Dreama!

p.s I’m extremely happy about this top :3

The next blog post will be introducing Agape!


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