Mikey Espinosa – Introducing Dreama

Her name is Dreama

With Dreama, I wanted her to come across as sexy with some mystique about her. She can be identified by her dark hair and she has an oriental look to her. I’ve had a thing with peacock feathers and though they are beautiful, ever since watching the live action Hercules (the one with actor Kevin Sorbo) as a child, Hera the goddess of women and marriage was shown with peacock feathers as eyes and when she would make an appearance, it really frightened me! But it was scary in a captivating way. So I decided to incorporate peacock feathers with this design. I think it gives her a majestic feel with some sort of darkness to her. I wanted her to be flamboyant and burlesque looking so the trinkets in the hair and the over the top pattern and textures hopefully add that feel.

Some art pieces she’s already appeared in 🙂


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