R.I.P Aaliyah… 11 years today

I don’t have anything against todays music, there are the odd few singers *cough Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko* and tracks that I do like, but I do find it hard to listen to music today because they all sound the same and I guess because dance music isn’t really to my taste, I usually find myself backtracking to songs of the past. Aaliyah for me was one of those singers that defined the 90’s for me, the 90’s was my childhood and she (along with Destinys Child, TLC, Mariah, Whitney, All 4 One, Boys 2 men… you get where I’m coming from) is what sparked my love for RnB and Hip Hop. Here’s a tribute ink and watercolour painting I did for the late Aaliyah who died on this day 11 years ago…  She not only had great music but I loved her style and just seeing how she grew up from a youth with that cool street, hood swag to a beautiful and sexy woman without needing to reveal too much skin! But for me, it was her hair! I was in love with it, it was so simple and she pulled it off so well! May Aaliyah rest in peace and may her legacy live on!

Some of my favourite songs from Aaliyah

The one I gave my heart to

At your best, you are love (The slow version)

I have so many more from her ❤


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