Mikey Espinosa – Anticipation

It seems like I’m always obsessed with something and it’s always changing, this I’ve accepted, but one thing that’s caught my attention is the Native American headdress. I’ve always been fond of feathers, wings and all sorts but there’s something about the American headdress.

I’ve been feeling very thoughtful recently, more than usual and I’ve also been trying to improve on my drawings of the male body. I wanted to add something to it and decided to add the headdress (which I exaggerated with excess amount of feathers.) When I first took notice of them I got a sense of wisdom, being aware, freedom and power and I think adding that to a character with such a sad facial expression, I thought it would be interesting.   I think I’ll research more into these headdresses and maybe even ones from other cultures and if I find anything out, I’ll definitely blog about it! Don’t be shocked if you see more art work with these cultural pieces!


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